Renaissance Program Application

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Please describe the proposed work: list the current condition of the building and specific project plans ( such as what materials or portions of the building will be replaced / repaired).
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*The Pitkin Avenue BID can provide design assistance for your project. Please contact us if you wish to receive assistance in finding an architect. The BID will provide as much assistance as possible with improving your building or storefront.
I commit to complete the above mentioned project within six months of project initiation. I understand that I am obligated to comply with any applicable federal, state, and local regulations and to obtain all necessary approval and permits from government agencies, including the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). I release the City, the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC), and the Pitkin Avenue District Management Association, Inc. (the Pitkin Avenue BID) from any and all claims arising from this project. I understand that the grant is awarded as a reimbursement for eligible project expenses following the satis-factory completion of the project and upon receipt of proof of payment (checks or credit payment only - NO CASH PAYMENTS). Project’s that are not completed in a manner consistent with the agreed upon scope of work will not be eligible for reimbursement. I further understand that the maximum grant amount is $50,000 per building and that the grant can only cover up to 75% of the project’s total eligible cost . The grant award is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract that the Pitkin Avenue BID has entered with HTFC. I have read the Pitkin Avenue BID’s grant “design guidelines” and “selection guidelines.” If selected, I agree to follow the outlined grant process, completing work that is keeping with the Pitkin Avenue BID’s guidelines and executed as specified in the contract between the applicant and the Pitkin Avenue BID. I will request the Pitkin Avenue BID ‘s approval prior to modifying the project scope or specifications.
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SUBMIT COMPLETED APPLICATIONS AND ATTACHMENTS TO THE BID OFFICE AT: 1572 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 (Office located on 2nd floor of Shopper’s World) Questions? Contact Jesse Gericke at 603.769.0190, or email
The following is a checklist for all documents that MUST accompany all applications submitted to the BID for pre-approval.
The following is a list of documents required for the final approval stage, conducted by the BID’s Project Se-lection Committee. These documents are NOT required for pre-approval, but are listed here in the event your project seeks final approval.

Design Guidelines & Selection Guidelines

Review the following Design and Selection Guidelines. Initial next to each guideline and submit initialed copy with your application.
The purpose of the design guidelines are to develop consistent standards for all grant-funded projects. The guidelines are not intended to tell you what should be repaired and what should be replaced. Those decisions should be made after consultation with qualified professionals. You may contact the BID for a list of recommended architects, contractors, and vendors with experience in doing restoration work of this style.
- Promote commercial activity within your property and along Pitkin Avenue - Preserve unique architectural features and historic features of your building - Adhere to NYC Small Business Service’s Storefront Improvements: A guide for Neighborhood Commercial Districts
*The Pitkin Avenue BID can assist with finding your building’s Municipal Archives tax lot photos.
Projects will be selected by the BID’s Project Selection Committee, and decisions will be based on the project’s adherence to the program’s mission and it’s design guidelines. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply the better your chances are for approval. The committee will use the following guidelines in evaluating your project:
- Correct existing code violations and resolve all health and safety concerns - Restore buildings or retail space that is in danger of razing
*To be considered a “Legacy Business” the business must be at least 30 years old and contributed to Brownsville’s history. Legacy businesses must retain their business’ name, brand and business type (retail category). **Residential units must impose NYMS rent limits for Kings County for a period of 5 years.