The Pitkin Avenue District Management Association, doing business as the Pitkin Avenue BID, is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, local development corporation incorporated in 1993. The BID encompasses those properties fronting Pitkin Avenue from Howard Avenue to Mother Gaston Boulevard and properties fronting Rockaway Avenue from Glenmore Avenue to Belmont Avenue

Annual Reports: 20142015 • 20162017

Pitkin BID By-Laws: Adopted November 13, 2015

Board of Directors


Francilia Wilkins, Vice Chair
Commercial Property Owner

Mark Tanis, Chair
Shopper’s World

Renee Muir, Treasurer
Commercial Property Owner

Ugo Grassadonna, Secretary
Commercial Property Owner


Commercial Property Owners

Paul Chhabra • Jack Dushey • Dennis Lekatsas
Barry Rothenburg • Neil Tsadka


Business Owners

Elroy Phillips
Pitkin Shipping & Packaging


Municipal Officials

Alicka Ampry-Samuel
NYC Council Member 41st District

Scott Stringer
NYC Comptroller

Bill de Blasio
NYC Mayor’s Office

Eric Adams
Brooklyn Borough President

BID Staff Members

Daniel Murphy
Executive Director

Jesse Gericke
Director of Planning & Communications

Toni Diaz
Events Coordinator