Pitkin Avenue Renaissance Program

2017-18 Façade Improvement Projects

Launched in 2016, the Renaissance Program provides matching grants to Property and Business Owners within the Pitkin Avenue BID to make improvements to commercial properties and businesses. The program is funded by NYC Department of Small Business Service’s Avenue NYC Grant Program, New York State Department of Homes and Community Renewal’s Main Street Program, and Pitkin Avenue BID Property Owners. To ensure design consistency, selected projects must adhere to the BID’s Façade Guidelines which were developed in collaboration with local design firm, Made In Brownsville.

New York Main Street Program (NYMS)

The BID was awarded an NYMS grant in December 2016 with a 2-year timeline to complete building renovations. Eligible projects within the program area can apply for reimbursement of 75% of total project cost (hard + soft costs) with a per building maximum of $50,000. Projects are selected on a rolling basis and must be approved by the BID’s Project Selection Committee before renovation activities can proceed. As of January 2019, the BID has completed (4) NYMS-funded projects with one more expected to be completed by May 2019.

  • NYMS Grant Award: $250,000

  • Funding Disbursed: $199,963

Avenue NYC Program

Avenue NYC Program funding assisted the BID with program development and management. The funding allowed the BID to hire a full-time Program Manager to oversee individual projects and develop program marketing collateral. In addition, Avenue NYC funds have been used to support the following program activities:

  • Graphic Design — Made In Brownsville

  • On-site Assistance — Pitkin Avenue BID

  • Architectural Design — Laura Heim Architects & Dadras Architects

  • Marketing and Outreach — Pitkin Avenue BID

Avenue NYC Award: $120,000 (FY17 & FY18 combined)


1621 Pitkin Avenue

Project: Façade Renovation and Residential

Status: Completed in December 2017

NYMS Award: $50,000

Avenue NYC: $3,230 for architectural designs

Scope of work: brick restoration, new upper floor windows, new security gates, 2nd floor stucco installation, storefront and 2nd floor stucco inset, painting.

Primary Contractor: Interior Builders - MBE Certified

 Sal & Paul’s Pizzeria

1686 Pitkin Avenue

Project: Façade, Storefront & Commercial Interior

Status: Completed in July 2018

NYMS Award: $45,750

Avenue NYC: $3,750 for architectural designs

Scope of work: Upper flooor brick & cornice restoration, new storefront windows, framing, tiling, new upper floor windows, new security gate, new sign & awning, new roof, new kitchen ductwork.

Lead Contractor: Preet & M Construction (MBE Certified)

 Edith Hair & Dennis Place

1701 Pitkin Ave

Project: Façade/storefront Renovation

Status: Under Construction

NYMS Award: $50,000

Avenue NYC: $5,000 for architectural designs

Scope of work: Aluminum siding removal, brick & cornice restoration, new upper floor windows, new storefront framing & windows, new security gates, new hand-painted business signs.

Lead Contractor: Preet & M Construction (MBE Certified)


1606 Pitkin Avenue

Project: Façade, Storefront, Commercial Interior

Status: Construction Complete in May 2019

Expected NYMS Award: $50,000

Scope of work: Upper floor brick & cornice restoration, new stucco sign band and painting, new commercial interior “white box”, new energy efficient HVAC

Contractor: Various